St. Albans Vermont

Located in Franklin County in the northwestern corner of Vermont and within minutes of the Canadian border, St. Albans is comprised of the Town of St. Albans and the City of St. Albans which was incorporated in 1902 and is completely surrounded by the town.

Franklin County reputedly produces the most milk of any county in New England and more maple syrup than any county in the U. S., however a large part of the area’s history and lore revolves around its western border: the 120-mile Lake Champlain. Named in 1609 by the French explorer, Samuel De Champlain, the founder of Quebec and bearing his name, popular legends claim that Champlain, while fighting the Iroquois Indians, was the first white man to see the lake monster, “Champ.”

Much to the delight of young and old, natives will tell you that the elusive “Champ” surely exists; he has been a mascot for numerous teams, organizations and events for many years. During the Civil War, the Confederates’ St. Albans Raid was reputedly the northernmost of all the raids. Now, known for its laid-back lifestyle, farmland, lovely lakeshore and classic New England Main Street, St. Albans is also popular because of its annual Vermont Maple Festival. During this Festival, Main Street and center green, Taylor Park, fill with every imaginable concoction made with pure, delicious Vermont maple syrup. The syrup-on-snow is among the most popular treats at the Festival and undoubtedly a favorite of one of St. Alban’s most famous modern-day sons, John LeClair of ice-hockey fame.

The town includes a total area of about 60 square miles, of which about 23 square miles is water. The population numbers around 5,000. Access to St. Albans is via U.S. Route 7 and Interstate 87 both of which run north from Burlington, 30 miles away. St. Albans is the northern terminus of the Amtrak line and a popular shopping, tourist and sailing stop for Canadians. Montreal is approximately 60 miles north. “On parle francais” is a frequent window sign in St. Albans and many residents speak Quebecois.  If you would like to find out more about purchasing a home in St. Albans Vermont, contact Lang McLaughry Real Estate.  You can also view a list of St. Albans VT real estate listings here.

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